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the_tox (Officer) 1/5/2013 5:27 PM EST : Tox - Tactician Farming\Leveling Build
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This is a DPS build. With ok gear and in dumies 34K DPS

The buffs you must have are
- "Virulent Poison"
-"Electrified Munitions"
- "Curative Engine" (this one is important, this buffs makes a huge difference)

Your DPS Spell rotations should be as follow
- "Obtain 5 combo points"
- Open with "empyrean Bolt"
- After you have gathered all five point hit "Torrent Primer" (This spell will boost your torrents DPS by 40% OMG, nice huh?)

- Now after you are all buffed out, your next spell is up to you. If you think you have too many adds on u pull out your "Curative Core" (in case you need a bit of more time to heal use "Barrier Remote" it will buy you time to heal.)  if you think you are ok and can kick butt then pull out your "Necrotic Core"

- Follow with, Glacial Torrent and wait till it build 7 stacks of if on mobs. (those stacks increases the DPS of your next "Infernal Torrent" by 10%)
- Then finish your rotation with Infernal Torrent (this is your biggest DPS move that packs the most of the punch)
- Rinse and repeat.

* Now, if your torrent primer ran out (this build lets u get it in seconds by, hit once"Empyrean bolt" (this time it will build 5 combo points automatically,  then hit your "Torrrent Primer"

This build will let you QUEE as support and DPS. This build packs an awesome AOE punch and when your raid is getting low, use your heal rotation. On Boss fights use "Power core" is like "Mage's Wild Growth" to help your raid.



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